Long Island City Loft

9000 sq ft    200 guests

Location: Long Island City

This fourth floor venue is 9,000 square feet of open space. There are two permanent structures but they are very open. One is a small library area and the other is a lounge.

There are 8' tall windows on all four sides and a large skylight in the center of the space. The ceilings are 12' tall. There's a stage in one corner surrounded by a dance floor and on the opposite side in additon to a bar area.

The furniture is constantly being moved about and being reupholstered. You are allow to use a few pieces of our a few as props.

Amenities: Toilets  • Street Entrance • Wheelchair Accessible  • Heating • 12ft Ceilings• Props • 3rd Floor Photoshoot area


Suitable For:

  • Private Event
  • Photoshoots
  • Weddings
  • Exhibitions
  • Gatherings
  • Brand Launches
  • Classes

Nearby Transit:

E - Court Square

M - Court Square

7 - Court Square